Sure Way to Avoid Problems in Your Next Home Renovation Project


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Before you begin a renovation project, consult with a professional contractor that has a showroom and modern computerized drawing capabilities. The success of a renovation project may depend upon being able to visualize and interact with the finished product before renovation begins.

Floor plan and elevation views can be created in the showroom with computerized drawings. For instance, you can see complete room displays set up so you can get a good feel of the how the space will look and function.

showroom-at-veri-constructionOpen Floor Plan

If you are planning an open floor plan for your kitchen and living areas, it is important to get the feel of the finished product. An open concept floor plan gives your home the appearance of being bigger. The open floor plan works best in a kitchen/dining area and for a family room.

It is good to see how this type of floor plan would function with your family and within the existing framework of your home. A Showroom along with computerized drawings would be invaluable in this case. To be able to get a good idea of what the final result will be before the renovation project actually begins could save a great deal of time and money.

Custom Cabinetry

The cabinetry in a kitchen or bathroom needs to match not just your style but your practical life. For instance, you can have a simple divider so the recycling has a separate bin than the trash. This may sound like a small thing, but, it’s the small things that make life pleasant. And you will have these new rooms for years to come.

As we stated in an earlier post on this blog called Custom Cabinetry Can Make All the Difference:

Custom cabinetry allows you to include your or own desired function while also giving you full control over the design to match your specific taste.

A showroom at the site of your professional contractor will provide you ideas of what custom cabinetry can do for you regarding functional use.

The Showroom at Veri Construction

To reduce the risk of wasted time and money, Veri Construction offers you a chance to see the finished project in our showroom. Veri Construction understands that each project needs to be approached with an innovative state of mind. We utilize state of the art 3-D computer generated drawings along with architectural plans to ensure a successful project completion.

We work with our client’s schedule. The Showroom is open 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday with evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

Veri Construction is an award-winning Certified NARI Remodeler serving clients in New Jersey.


Veri Construction Co.,Inc. is Exhibiting at the 2017 New Jersey Home Show


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Veri Construction Co.,Inc is excited to announce that once again we will be participating in the New Jersey Home Show! The show will be held on February 11th & 12th of 2017.

This show is great for homeowners that are in all stages of remodeling, landscaping and decorating their homes. We are proud to be a part of this event.

The Home Show states:

…our goal is simple: to inspire, motivate and excite you for your upcoming home improvement – whether it’s a minor renovation or a major remodel.


img_9199Veri Construction will have remodeling professionals to discuss your specific situation and provide detailed recommendations.

We will be featuring our Showroom. In our Showroom at our location, we are able to demonstrate customized options specific to your needs. You will get a clear understanding of what the remodeled room will look like and how it will add to your family’s life style.

We work with our clients utilizing state of the art 3-D computer generated drawings along with architectural plans to ensure a successful project completion.

Veri_Construction largeCome join us at the New Jersey Home Show on February 11th from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM and February 12th at 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Meadowlands Expo Center 355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094.

We look forward to speaking with you about your home remodeling plans.

What are Your Options to Keep Your Heat From Escaping Through the Attic


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As long as heat rises, and it always will, your energy dollars will attempt to escape out of your attic.

Without getting too detailed in the solutions, there are several types of attic insulation. To name the more common:

  • loose fill
  • foam
  • radiant barrier
  • batt

Choosing the type of attic insulation requires a review of your existing construction, needs and what you want to accomplish.

Attic InsulationOne of the questions you may have is whether you want or need the insulation on the roof or the floor of the attic. If the attic has free airflow, you may want to lay the insulation on the floor of the attic.

Another consideration is if your joists are even or uneven If the joists are even, batt is a workable insulation choice. In the case the joists are not uniform, you may need to use loose fill or foam.

Loose fill attic insulation is contained in large bags and the installation process involves the blowing of the loose fill into the attic. Foam is similar, but requires more technical expertise than blowing in loose fill. Radiant barrier is also an installation that requires technical ability and has several variants, such as solid sheets or a liquid. Again, the choice becomes dependent on your current needs and situation.

Ultimately, this decision is about reduced energy costs and improved environmental results. As surveys are showing, there is an increased interest in making sure new construction and remodeling projects include energy efficiency and environmental safety.

The LEED is a certification system created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The LEED guidelines are excellent for anyone looking to add value to their home, save money on energy costs and be active in protecting the environment.

In our post Considerations When Adding Green Building Requirements to New Construction or Remodeling Projects, we stated

Adding LEED requirements to a new construction or remodeling project can be more than trivial in time and cost. When you decide to add Green Building requirements to your project, be sure to understand the additional up front costs and how they compare to the long term cost savings.


Consult a professional construction company to discuss your attic insulation requirements. Home remodeling professionals understand the needs and desires of the home buyer, as well as, how to develop the plans that will result in reduced utility costs.

At Veri Construction, we have our own showroom. We are able to show you customized options specific to your situation. We work with clients and subcontractors, while utilizing state of the art 3-D computer generating drawings along with architectural plans for successful project delivery. We can help you get on your way to a newly renovated home.